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2018 Jeep Compass near Denver Colorado

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Denver Colorado - 2018 Jeep Compass

Vehicle Overview

The first version of this SUV was based on the JS Daimler Chrysler-Mitsubishi platform. Judged comfortable and pleasant to drive, it has left a lasting memory in the world of offroad automobiles. The 2018 Jeep Compass is another matter. Forget about the clumsy forms of his ancestor; this 2018 SUV is adorned with the style of the Grand Cherokee. To continue on this upward slope and attract more and more people in its dealerships, the brand can now rely on its new automobile, which comes to swell its ranks and directly attacks its rivals. To put it frankly, the look of this 2018 automobile is very successful and should appeal to SUV enthusiasts, wishing to make a difference with a less conventional vehicle. Indeed, the compact SUV segment is not new to Jeep, but the first generation of Compass released was a little off target, with “old-fashioned” styling and design. This company has experienced substantial growth, thanks in part to this automobile. For the version of the 2018 SUV that interests us today, the company corrects its offerings and makes his 2018 Jeep Compass much more attractive. Seen from the front, the relationship is apparent, with a very close grill, while the rear end is more innovative, including the chrome strip that goes down on the tailgate after skirting the roof. That happens to be a good reason why you ought to check out Pollard Jeep Of Boulder, near Denver Colorado and serving the Denver area, to acquire this vehicle.

Denver Colorado - 2018 Jeep Compass's Overview

2018 Jeep Compass’s Exterior

In the Limited version, a metal band dresses the top of the windows, and it overflows by the bottom of the rear quarter and gives a particular style to the back of the automobile. Still, seen from the outside, the car has style. The American SUV thus plays an essential card: it asserts itself as a real Jeep, and unlike many of its competitors, it can venture on the most hostile terrain. For this purpose, it has metal protections on the bases as well as different shields, allowing it to display higher angles of entry and exit than on the other finishes. The roof is different and tilts back to give the SUV a sporty style. The Limited is standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, a significant asset for customers who practice off-road driving. While remaining classic, this Jeep also has a strong front. That is a tremendous underlying cause for why you need to have a look at Pollard Jeep Of Boulder, near Denver Colorado and serving the Denver area, to obtain this automobile.

Denver Colorado - 2018 Jeep Compass's Exterior

2018 Jeep Compass’s Interior

The amplification of nine speakers does its job on classical music and pop rock, and the speakers rarely struggle even when restoring the bass of hip-hop. On the other hand, if automatic emergency braking or Hill Start Assist is standard at the first level of finish, some equipment such as an auto-adaptive controller or park-assist require discretionary packs. You will also appreciate the services, points of interest, gas stations, etc., shown on the GPS system. But the shiny black plastics that surround the screen and the gear lever make it look nice as well. The stitching on the doors is also of premium quality. Tactile and intuitive, we navigate without getting lost in the menus, and we may even use mobile phone connections, like Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto. The black dashboard cap also has a most beautiful effect. On 40/20/40, it is foldable and has a flat floor. It is pleasant to the touch and has style. The Compass may also be equipped with a serial UConnect multimedia system from the Longitude finish. The atmosphere on board the automobile is therefore lovely. You will be sitting high, and the eight-position electric seats provide a little lateral support. The interior space is bright and open to the outside despite the small surface area of the windows.

Denver Colorado - 2018 Jeep Compass's Interior

2018 Jeep Compass’s Powertrain

In the city, at a slow pace, the car runs smoothly. The engine humps, snorts and finally does the job. In the range, the MultiAir is only available with the nine-speed German automatic ZF that is already on the Cherokee. But on the road, the automobile turns out to be a fun machine. One accelerates, the box reacts for a second to finally pass a report then another without one having the feeling of a delay. In manual gearshift, the MultiAir barely has to climb and makes fast work of the road. Engaged on a winding road, driving becomes even more enjoyable. The engine and the gearshift get along.

Denver Colorado - 2018 Jeep Compass's Powertrain

2018 Jeep Compass’s Safety

Regarding safety, we find the usual functions at this level of the range: lane departure warning, proximity radar, parking assistance, adaptive cruise control, and tire pressure monitoring. If he certainly poaches the potential buyers of his little brother, it may well also divert to him the fans of the Cherokee. Although it is a bit shorter than its predecessor, the youngest of the American range has much more presence, with a style that makes it look like a Grand Cherokee.


This 2018 Jeep Compass is an SUV with consistency. Also, when we leave the road to engage the off-road areas, then the Compass is really at ease. The automobile is also fun to drive. And those who need an all-terrain will turn to the highly efficient Trailhawk version. Therefore, visit Pollard Jeep Of Boulder, near Denver Colorado and serving the Denver area, to test drive this SUV.

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