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Boulder Dealer Review – 2019 Jeep Cherokee

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Boulder Dealer Review - 2019 Jeep Cherokee

Vehicle Overview

On the road, with its all-wheel drive, the Cherokee is balanced, it drives straight, it does not have loose handling, and it is well supported by an anti-slip ESP. On the other hand, the direction of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee imposes a practical level of assistance and has gained just enough precision by offering more consistency. Any way you look at it, this 2019 Jeep Cherokee has made apparent progress. This 2019 Jeep Cherokee also offers a well-designed interior, and it is pleasant to drive with high-quality plastics. The rear space is also fair in size. Regarding equipment, this member of the Jeep range is however quite generous, especially in the High Altitude trim level. Therefore, I suggest that you should go and visit Pollard Jeep Of Boulder, your helpful Boulder Dealer in Boulder Colorado, to review this automobile.

Boulder Dealer Review - 2019 Jeep Cherokee's Overview

2019 Jeep Cherokee’s Exterior

The style draws your eye to the shape of the front air intake, that of LED optics and wheel arches. The black plastic wheel arches are prominent and have the visual signature of the brand. As one of its most useful assets, its differential lock makes the difference with the competition. Some may share my amazement, but others may tell you that you should not buy this kind of car for driving pleasure just on the roads, as the off-road driving is really where it manages to shine. For these reasons, I would recommend that you ought to pay a visit to Pollard Jeep Of Boulder, your Boulder Dealer in Boulder Colorado, to review this vehicle.

Boulder Dealer Review - 2019 Jeep Cherokee's Exterior

2019 Jeep Cherokee’s Interior

The GPS for the Cherokee is reliable and handles untimely destination changes by recalculating routes without much latency. The leather seats, white stitching and honeycomb fabric are also beautifully crafted. Another set of good points are the USB and outlets behind the console. The double floor and automatic closing box provide a volume in the market average. The back seat is spacious. The leg room is impressive, and you will be comfortable in the middle place with a tunnel transmission that is not too imposing. The set is well arranged. There is no problem here. The leather steering wheel centralizes a lot of the controls. The automobile is also targeting an increasingly family-oriented clientele. On the audio side, they have teamed up with the premium audio brands to provide top quality speakers. Below the screen are the Active Drive driving switch and its Auto-Snow-Sand-Mud modes, the single USB socket, the audio input and the 12v DC socket.

Boulder Dealer Review - 2019 Jeep Cherokee's Interior

The design is still articulated around the Jeep prism that draws your eye to the contours of the center screen. This car includes, among other things, leather upholstery, 17-inch alloy wheels, audio system, electric seats or color LCD computer. Finally, the Cherokee also cares for its occupants by offering an excellent interior presentation. For example, there are many high-quality plastics as well as various bright black veneers, or the Uconnect touchscreen (standard on the Longitude Intermediate finish), which gives an overall look that exudes style. The same can not be said of the capacity of the trunk, which is in the average of the category (and this is less on the Trailhawk with a real spare wheel). At least passengers have something to celebrate on board, especially since it is welcoming, with generous space in the rear seats.

Boulder Dealer Review - 2019 Jeep Cherokee's Mechanical

2019 Jeep Cherokee’s Mechanical

Aligned with the engine, the gearbox increases the pleasure of touring. The famous ZF Friedrichshafen Group box and its endless reports have been integrated to reduce consumption. The scent of adventure that emerges is accentuated with the Trailhawk version, which claims for its part real off-road abilities. The team of designers has even been fond of pop culture by telling us that the design of the headlights is a tribute to the superhero Iron Man. This automobile is also efficient on any terrain.

2019 Jeep Cherokee’s Powertrain

Fortunately, the Jeep also provides an excellent suspension, high comfort levels, absorbing smoothly the asperities of the road, coupled with excellent soundproofing. Finally, the increased ground clearance and the Active Drive Low mode transmission, with a very high gear ratio, complete the range of driving choices for the Trailhawk. It excels in urban and off-road driving, and driving on the road is also dynamic. Here, the ZF’s nine reports justify its presence.

2019 Jeep Cherokee’s Safety

The engine suits this car especially for the road, even in this version for 4×4 which, compared to its competitors, has the advantage of having a central differential lock that can make the difference in challenging terrain. In town, the SUV is at ease, thanks to its high-quality engine, and the turning radius is excellent, the handling is also just right. And you will not have to worry about jolts when you accelerate. The gearbox is also well-guided, and that means it will, also, rarely hang at the passage of speeds. Indeed, we can say that this SUV is a high-quality automobile and one that you will be proud to drive. His myriad gears eliminate obstacles by continually adapting to the field.


This automobile is an aesthetic success, and its driving is superb. Remember, the SUV shows all his potential when you are driving off the road. Hence, I propose that you might want to drop by and see Pollard Jeep Of Boulder, your friendly Boulder Dealer in Boulder Colorado, to review this SUV for yourself.

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